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Law Advance would like to aid your financial pressure caused by your lawsuit by providing pre settlement funding. Our pre-settlement funding service can get you the cash you need now, while your attorney goes through the often time-consuming process know as a personal injury lawsuit.

As a plaintiff who is more than likely up against an insurance company with deep pockets, you could see your life savings pressed to the limit. Pre settlement funding can help you take away the pressure to agree to a settlement that is too little just because you need it.

Law Advance Finance helps make a level playing field since defendants more often than not have huge wealth to mount their defense, but now you have access to presettlement funding made obtainable through us. Presettlement funding gives you time by providing the money you need to take care of expenses while giving your attorney more time to work on your case to get a just settlement to help cover the pain your injury caused.

You can begin your free application for plaintiff cash funding in one of two ways.


  1. You can complete our online application. Start by filling out the form on this page.
  2. Or if you would like to speak with us directly regarding pre-settlement funding, call us TOLL FREE.


Next Steps for a Pre-Settlement


Once you've completed an application online or by phone, we'll get in touch with your attorney by fax for the documents required to underwrite your case for funding. We'll handle getting all the legal documentation necessary for funding with your lawyer.

As your attorney has built your case file, he or she has put together different legal documents that will help you get approval for funding. Your lawyer can supply us with copies of documents (not originals) for funding. Typically we'll need one or more of the following:


  • Attorney-client retainer agreement
  • Police, accident, or incident report
  • Proof of defendant's insurance coverage
  • Summary of medical bills to date
  • Other materials that are required for your specific case and legal help


Your application for presettlement funding will move forward once we receive the documents.

Funding is based on the strength of a case. Our team lawyers carefully reviews the documentation of each case to assess the probability of a win at trial or an out of court settlement and then determine if your case qualifies for funding and at what rate.

Receiving Your Pre-settlement Funding

If you’re approved pre-settlement funding, we’ll let you know the amount of the cash funding and the rate at that time. Next, we’ll put together and send to your attorney a Purchase Agreement, which you and your lawyer will both sign after looking it over. After the agreement is returned to our office, we will either wire the funds directly to your account or send you a check my mail or Fed Ex.

The faster you return the Purchase Agreement to us, the faster we can send you your pre- settlement funding. The entire process can take as little as 24 hours, depending on your lawyer’s office and how fast they can submit documentation need for pre settlement funding.

As your case moves along, you may need more cash and request additional pre-settlement funding. If you have not received all the money Law Advance has approved for you, you can make another request for additional pre-settlement funding at a later date or if your case has changed, have any new documentation sent to us and have your case underwritten again for additional presettlement funding.

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