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Though often referred to as a lawsuit loan, presettlement funding is not actually a loan, but an advance on a lawsuit. By definition, a loan is required to be paid back by the borrower, where lawsuit loans are only paid back by the settlement of a case. If there is no settlement, there is nothing to pay back.

When an individual files a lawsuit against someone who has harmed them, they may qualify for a lawsuit loan against the probable settlement from a lawsuit. Unlike a typical loan that is provided by a bank or other financial institution, the money offered Law Advance is on a no recourse basis. A client agrees to pay back the lawsuit loan only if they win a recovery. If you have a pending lawsuit and are in need of money, Law Advance maybe able to help you. Find out by applying online with Law Advance.

Insurance companies many times will use stall tactics to put off putting what they know they owe in hopes that the plaintiff will become financially strapped may and accept a less than fair offer because they come desperate for money. That’s why a lawsuit loan can help in many ways. A lawsuit loan can give provide more time for your attorney to negotiate the best settlement for you. Lawsuit loans can also help provide payment for different procedures, such as physical therapy or even surgery which in return, adds value to your claim.

There are many reasons for applying for a lawsuit loan with Law Advance. It is very common for the injuries suffered to cause a plaintiff not to be able to work. This alone can cause a need for money to get you by day to day while you wait for your case to settle. The money can also be used for equipment needed to help you deal with any condition suffered during the accident or procedures not covered by insurance. Or, you just may need money to treat yourself to something nice or get some R&R by taking a vacation. How you spend the money is your responsibility, providing you with it, that’s ours.

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