Lawsuit Funding Services        

Advances on Lawsuits    

Law Advance is here to offer lawsuit funding on cases that have not been settled yet. These advances against your lawsuit are not considered loans since they are not secure by you, the individual. These lawsuit cash advances provide you with the money you need at you need it, which in turn, provides your attorney time which they can use to secure you the best possible settlement.

Advances on Settled Cases

Even After you case has settled, the insurance company may take a long time to get you your money. Law Advance can help you with lawsuit funding on your settled cases as well. These delays are often because insurance companies are not in a rush to pay, but sometimes is because they are going through an appeal process.  Law Advance provides you with funds to get you by while you wait for your check or the case to go through the appeal process.

Attorney Funding

Attorneys often need money too. As a lawyer you have a big case, but need funds to help cover litigation expenses, Law Advance can provide those funds.

Lawsuit Funding

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