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Product Liability Presettlement Funding

Expecting a settlement for a product liability case, but need the cash NOW?

In as little as 24 hours you can have FAST cash funding of $500 to $100,000 - and repay only if you win your product liability lawsuit.

Product liability is the part of law in which suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and others who make available products to the community are held accountable for the damage those products cause. Even though the word "product" has wide overtone, product liability as an region of law is customarily limited to products in the form of physical individual possessions.

This type of cases take of work on the part of your attorney to prove these cases, and in the legal system, work equals time. Mean while you may be out of work because to the injuries you suffered and have bills piling up. Presettlement funding can help. Pre settlement funding is an advance on a lawsuit and not loan. This means that if your case doesn’t settle for whatever reason, you don’t have to pay back your pre-settlement funding. That means there is no risk what so ever.

Law Advance offers presettlement funding on product liability cases so you can move on with your life while your attorney works to settle your case.

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