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Premise liability is the legal responsibility for a property-owner for definite lawsuits that occur on the home or business. This can vary from things from injuries caused a variety of hazardous conditions, including uneven pavement, open excavations, crumbling curbs, wet floors, uncleared snow, standing water,  icy walks, , inadequate security, insufficient lighting, concealed holes, improperly secured mats, defects in chairs or benches, or even falling objects. These type of cases are also often called “slip and fall” cases.

Are you in a cash crunch while waiting for your premises liability case to settle? If the money you get is too little money, too late, even if you win you may lose! With a lawsuit loan on your premises liability lawsuit settlement, you can relax.

And since lawsuit loans are not actually loans, there’s no risk to you! You pay the money back to Law Advance only if you come out on top in your premises liability lawsuit.

Starting after a case in 1997, the courts regulating premises liability cases now look to the owner or proprietor to keep their premises secure to prevent a slip and fall accident. The only problem is these cases can take time, time which you may not have to wait for your money. That’s how lawsuit loans can help.

Law Advance provides lawsuit loans that can help you get the money you need. We can give you a lawsuit loan so you can pay your bills and your lawyer can continue to work on your premises liability case. Let us ease the financial strain with cash funding so you won’t have to accept a small settlement for your "slip and fall” lawsuit.

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