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Legal malpractice is the type negligence or breach of contract done by an attorney. In order to prove an actionable point of negligence, the hurt party must demonstrate that the attorney's acts were not merely “a bad attorney”, but that they were the result of mistakes that no sensible attorney would make. A case for legal malpractice might also happen when an attorney breaches the contract they sign with the client. A frequent base for a legal malpractice claim occur wherever an attorney misses a deadline for a filing of a paper with the court, such as a statute of limitations that causes a client to lose their case.

The problem is when you going up against someone who knows the law inside and out, it can take time to settle the case. This might be time you don’t have. A legal malpractice case – whether for misconduct on the part of your lawyer, carelessness or fraud – can advance gradually through the judicial system. Lawsuit funding can help.

Law Advance provides lawsuit funding on legal malpractice lawsuit so your new lawyer can properly work your case and your under no pressure to settle for a lesser offer because you’re hurting for cash. Lawsuit funding gives you the money you need at no risk to yourself. If you lose your case, you not required to pay back the money you received through lawsuit funding.

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