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The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters and between U.S. ports. Section 27, better known as the Jones Act, permits injured sailors to put together claims and collect from their employers for the negligence of fellow members of the crew, the captain, or the ship owner. It is pretty similar to legislation that was already in place that permitted for recuperation by railroad employees and providing that this legislation also applies to sailors.

It states:
"Any sailor who shall suffer personal injury in the course of his employment may, at his election, maintain an action for damages at law, with the right to trial by jury, and in such action all statutes of the United States modifying or extending the common-law right or remedy in cases of personal injury to railway employees shall apply..."

This let seamen bring actions against ship owners based on claims of negligence. These rights are not afforded by common international maritime law.

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