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FELA lawsuits are personal injury cases that seek reimbursement for railroad workers that have been injured while working or as the result of a company, colleague and/or equipment manufacturer carelessness or irresponsibility.

FELA, also known as the Federal Employers Liability Act, was first pass in 1908 when President Benjamin Harrison likened the hazard of working in the railroad industry to the hazard soldiers’ faces in war.

As a specific type of workers' compensation law, FELA only applies to railroad workers and offers higher reward awards than customary workers' compensation due to the natural threat and hazard linked with working in the railroad industry.

When a railroad employee is injured, it's very important that he or she ask for immediate medical attention to stop additional health complications, follow throughout with all long-term prescribe treatment to guarantee best recovery and meet with an knowledgeable FELA attorney to find out more about their legal rights. Discuss with these accident lawyers before filing workers' compensation claims is vital because the latter could prevent injured parties from recovering compensation via FELA settlements.

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