Attorney Referral

Attorney Referrals

How often are you busy working your case load when you are often interrupted by clients hounding you to see when their case is going to settle because they need money? We understand it takes time for you to properly settle a case. Your client though are often hurting for money and don’t want to hear it. Law Advance can help with pre settlement funding. Our lawsuit cash advances can relive the pressure so you’re not forced into accepting a less than fair settlement because your client is in need of cash. This not only doesn’t do justice for your client, but hurt your pocket as well.

Law Advance also knows that over funding your client can cause difficultly in you settling the case. That’s why we will respect your opinion and not over fund your client. We will listen to your wishes when providing lawsuit funding.

Your time is money, so by referring your clients to us, it will save you time by not having your client search the internet themselves and applying to a dozen different funders and brokers making your staff send out the same paperwork. With your clients permission you can even call us at 1-855-215-7825 and begin the application for them. Or fill out the online application and send over the necessary paper work and let us relieve the pressure from your client so you can do what you do best, get justice served for your client.

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